Friday, January 4, 2008


My "other" job, other than mom, wife, CrossFit and Strategic Oxygen -- Girl Scouts. The next two months will test my willpower. I'm the service unit coordinator for cookie sales in the Lakeway area - supplying 40 troops of girl scouts with cookies to sell mid January to late February. This is what 2,500 cases look like in the garage - 30,000 boxes -- the garage that sometimes serves as our boot camp location in rainy conditions. I got my own work out today helping unload the truck.

Willpower - how many will I eat? How many will I buy? Buy some cookies this season - and if you don't want them around the house because you will eat them - donate a box to Operation Cookie to send to our military troops overseas.... This is a great cause, and supports a great organization - helping girls grow strong. Girl power, baby!